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In order to work as a Registered Nurse in the USA, you will need to obtain a Visascreen certificate from CGFNS to certify that your education and NCLEX exam meet the USA RN requirements.

You can visit and select the USA as your country of choice. This will bring up a page with a very helpful video explaining what CGFNS does and what you need to do to become eligible to work in the USA.

BEWARE! You will NOT need a CES (Credentials Evaluation). You will ONLY need the Visascreen Certificate.

After watching the video, click on the “Services – Certifications – Visascreen” tab or simply follow this link: It lists all the documents required for the Visascreen application. It is good to be prepared and gather all of them before applying:

    • Secondary school diploma
    • Any other licenses/registrations/diplomas
    • NCLEX exam certificate
    • Complete transcript records: These must be sent directly to CGFNS from your nursing educational institution
    • Passport-style photo
    • Payment of fees:
      • CAD 700 for normal processing time (approximately 30 days)
      • CAD 625 additional fee for expedited processing time (approximately 10 days)

You can start your application by creating an account. Click on the “Apply” tab or simply follow this link: When creating your account, please add Travel Care Hawaii as an authorized agent (number 85932). This will allow us to stay informed about the progress of your application and assist you with any possible deficiency notices for missing documents, etc.

Once you have applied, keep checking your online account with CGFNS for any updates on the processing progress of your Visascreen. Any deficiencies will only be notified online; you will NOT receive mail or email notifications for deficiencies. The sooner you can resolve deficiencies by uploading missing information, the less delay in the processing time you will experience.