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Travel Care Hawaii is operating in Hawaii and California. We proudly share our care professionals with our clients in the community and with our partners in care, such as hospitals, skilled nursing facilities and retirement communities.

We hire travel RNs  for contracts between 13-39 weeks. Its is our mission to staff ambitious caregivers on beautiful staffing destinations where they can give the best they have in the most beautiful of locations in Hawaii and California. Are you looking for that palm tree on the beach type of relaxation after a good day of work? Travel Care Hawaii is where it starts!

Are you just as lucky as we are and living in Hawaii? We have many great work opportunities for you, part-time and full-time on many different locations in Hawaii, both in hospital and skilled nursing. Because we have local presence, we will be able to match you well with the job options out here.

One of the best places Ive ever had the chance to work for. Amazing and helpful staff, offering competitive pay, flexibility with your schedule, and pays weekly! Travel Care Hawaii gave me a chance to live and work in one of the most beautiful places on earth, while giving me the time to enjoy it with my family and friends. The people I have met while working at travel care, I will never forget. Everyone at travel care takes the upmost care to ensure their nurses / staff are well paid, always have the hours at work they need/want while maintaining a professional and friendly work environment. 100/10 star rating if I could give them that and I if Im ever in Hawaii again Ill be sure to give them a call, they are not just an employer but people you can count on for life. Thanks for everything travel care, much aloha to you all. keep saving lives and keep up the hard work, it is noticed and appreciated!
I moved to Hawaii and my first nursing job was with Travel Care Hawaii. I found the onboarding process really easy and they were very helpful in working with me because I was still not on island. The staff at Travel Care Hawaii was good at advocating for my needs and I felt like they were a great agency to work with. I was able to get the schedule I needed because of other priorities I was managing in conjunction with my job. Overall, I had a great experience with Travel Care Hawaii.
As a resident of Hawaii, I had an awesome experience overall, timely paychecks, fair working environment, etc. I have learned a lot about the industry with Travel Care Hawaii. Would definitely recommend it for people looking to get into this industry.
I worked as a Nurse for more than a year with Travel with Care and they have nothing but made sure that the working space was at my convenience. They provided me with the nearest location to my home. With them, I have a perfect work-life balance.
Working with Travel Care Hawaii is more like working in a family! They provide room for growth on a professional and personal level. I would highly recommend Travel Care to anyone look for a Nursing Job in Hawaii!
I like working with TCH, theyre very supportive, and accommodating with my busy schedule.
Staffs are very reliable and have good communication. Always there to help out when in need of staffing.
Attentive to the needs of the company. They respond immediately even after office hours.